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Net Zero Backflip

It was the sometime in the second half of the century that was no different to preferably by 2050. A lot of time was spent defending that logic, and the government has a policy that they might not be offended if by some miracle it just happened Australia’s emissions were net zero by 2050 (as long as exports of coal and gas are higher than today). Then something changed.

There suddenly a national security risk and danger to global alliances (except for France) and drastic action must be taken within the two weeks prior to the COP26.

The coalition government seems to have forgotten that in 2015 they agreed with the rest of the world at Paris to come up with more realistic plans to achieve a 1.5 degree limitation to global warming.

It is a coal-ition after all, and the faceless men pulling the strings of undisclosed political donations want certainty. The detailed plan of the three-word mantra “technology not taxes” is no longer sufficient. They need assurance that there is zero risk to their increasing profits until sometime in the second half of the century (or later).

So the leadership goes into overdrive. When there is a suggestion that hiding under a fire blanket and pretending COP26 doesn’t exist, Scomo shrugs the responsibility to the junior party in the coalition. He pretends that they are the laggards, and proposes an major revision in policy. Net zero by 2050.

For the good of all Australians who is not allowed to know what it the new net zero policy is, but they can place their trust in knowing that their government has been actively lobbying to change the bias towards science in IPCC reports, especially when they imply that Australia is not taking sufficient action.

Of course, in the last fifteen years there have been no liberals who have been dragging their knuckles in their urgent need to do nothing to acknowledge the impending disaster of a rapidly changing climate. It is all the National Party’s fault.

This brilliant disassembly of leadership is especially believable because the Liberal’s consideration of the alleged plan is proactively put the after the National’s meeting. Then, after that there will be a cabinet meeting. This leaves plenty of opportunity to water down what appears to be a modification of no consequence.

Sitting backwards on his horse so that he can see the cart before it, Scomo explains this process is necessary, because the government makes the decisions not the party rooms. Thus he is putting a huge pressure of overwhelming numbers on the few holdouts to continue to agree to do effectively nothing.

It is all done in open secrecy, like a lost Seinfield episode about nothing. There will be no plan for ambitious 2030 targets, only compensation for the rich fossil fueled industries, some rewards for other lobbyists like nuclear and blue (not green) hydrogen, and a lot of money for any pork barrel that the Nationals care to nominate.

Spending money on not doing something seems to be preferable to spending money on doing something. Pouring more funds into once again investigating CCS for the stranded assets of fossilised powers stations is one of the suspected initiatives in the secret plan for a future that might have some vaguely green tints.

This bluewash would have us believe that the adults are now talking after we have endured the tantrum-throwing of the past fifteen years. These are the adults who neglected their duty to contain and correct the brats. The not so secret message is that we will pay for the brats damage and its rectification and no-one will be blamed for trying to fry the planet.

This seems to be the plan that Morrison will take to Glasgow. A vacuous marketing blitz which he will play to the domestic audience that the world does not understand how unique the situation is for Australia. With the chip of clean coal proudly on his shoulder Scomo will patiently berate anyone who listens that he is being a good citizen supplying a world of fossil-hungry consumers.

The world doesn’t understand how clever he is, and in spite for their not listening to his sublime leadership he will not listen to them; or the sound of the increasingly ferocious storms that provide him another photo opportunity in a high-vis vest surveying the damage.

Scomo is doing his bit to maintain the diversity of species, saving gas and coal from extinction. He is too busy doing the job that he has appointed himself to do, but for operational reasons cannot disclose what it is. As a prime minister, he doesn’t have a plan, mate.